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Kamis, 25 Juli 2013

This is more or less dead.
I am still doing good things, and you should be, too.
I have been super busy over the past few months, and I just had to let go of a few things.
This blog was, unfortunately, the one I had to choose.
Peace and Love

Make the city pretty

I have been all over the place lately, both physically and mentally, and I needed to write something in a sort of hidden place. I understand it's the internet, but this is a blog that not many people follow, and those of you that do, I appreciate you sticking around for the very rare post that still happens.

I live in a car city, Windsor, Ontario. There is no one that I know here that has not been directly affected by layoffs in the auto sector. Because of this, there is quite a low morale across the entire city.

Everyone is sort of going through the motions, trudging back and forth to a job that may or may not be there tomorrow.

I am trying to cheer everyone up with the help of 2 sticks, some string, and some friends.

We are yarn bombers. We knit brightly coloured things and tie them around cold, hard, inanimate objects around the city. So far, our favourite targets are parking meters and bike racks.

We have gotten mostly positive feedback so far. Everything from people just smiling as they walk past, to saying "cool" when we tell them what we're doing. I have also seen people outside a bar, touching it and saying how interesting it is, and wondering who was doing it. I stood nearby, smiling to myself, knowing that I was doing my part to cheer up a city stuck in a rut.

If you would like to see more, here is a post on my knitting blog all about it.

Stuff the Bus

Local charities have an annual Stuff the Bus drive, where they collect cash donations, toys, clothing and blankets.
Yesterday, my Mother and I brought 5 blankets, 35 knitted hats, clothing and canned goods to donate.
The hats were made on Knifty Knitters over the past couple years, and we were just trying to figure out a place to bring them.
Check to see if your local charities are doing any sort of collection this holiday season. Many are accepting things you may already have at home and don't use.

Free Rice

You may have noticed I added a Free Rice button on the side bar here.
Free Rice is a fantastic website. If you haven't heard of it, the basic idea is that you are given a word, and 4 words that potentially mean the same thing. You choose the one that has the same meaning, and if you are correct, 10 grains of rice are donated to help end world hunger.
This is something I do in my spare time, while I'm waiting for the blogs I'm following to update, or just when I feel like exercising the ol' noggin.
They have an option to learn in a few languages, as well as many other subjects.
I have tried out the French option, and I am a little disappointed. Many of the words you are given have the article included. This is unnecessary, but I suppose it's not of great concern.
Other than that small issue, I think it's an excellent site, with a great cause!

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